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Behind the powers of the world stands the Evil Atheist Conspiracy. Many scholars date the foundation of the E.A.C. to 1748 and the publication of Hume's "An enquiry concerning Human Understanding"; a book that was for many to shatter belief in God and the reverberations of which are still felt today, in an increasingly secular society that prefers rationality to superstition.This view is incorrect.

Older than any other organisation in the history of humanity, the E.A.C. has become ubiquitious. From the Thug Cult of India, stretching back in time from its suppression in 1837, to at least 1356. Prior to that traces can be found in the Isma'ili Shi'i Muslim sect of assassins and their leader Rashid ad-Din (died in 1192, know in the West as "The Old Man of the Mountain"). Earlier still we have the first century BC pagan Titus Lucretius Carus, the far-sighted and great man who founded the E.A.C..

Lucretius preached a doctrine of atheism and the total independence of man. He distributed his argument into six books, beginning each with a highly polished introduction. Books I and II established the main principles of the atomic universe, refuted the rival theories of the pre-Socratic cosmic philosophers Heracleitus, Empedocles, and Anaxagoras, and covertly attacked the stoic moralists.

Looking in to book III we find demonstrated the atomic structure and mortality of the soul and ended with a triumphant sermon on the theme "Death is nothing to us."

Of book IV we need describe only the account of the mechanics of sense perception, thought, and certain bodily functions and the praising of sexual passion.

Clearly described in book V is the creation and working of this world and the celestial bodies and the evolution of life and human society.

Keenly explained in book VI is the remarkable phenomena of the earth and sky, in particular, thunder and lightning. The poem ends with a description of the plague at Athens, a sombre picture of death contrasting with that of spring and birth in the invocation to Venus, with which it opened.

Some marvel at the fact that these doctrines have travelled down the ages, being handed secretly from initiate to initiate in an unbroken line for over two millennia.

Today the E.A.C. is part of the very fabric of the world. From the United Nations, to the European Economic Community, to the World Bank and the Trilateral Commission and the Rothschild Dynasty. The observant can discern our hand in every act on the face of the earth: World War I and the world-wide religious disillusionment that followed it; Hitler and the militaristic neo-paganism of the Nazis; Stalin who used communism to promote a Godless state and so on and so forth: Reagan who by his apparent Christainty yet capitualtion with the Evil Empire sealed our power, not a momenent too soon.

Happily, today, the E.A.C. is of itself so strong that we seek to dispel rumours of our very existence by a carefully conceived strategy of misinformation on the internet and in other media. We seek to cause God fearing Christians to think that our existence is so unlikely, so ridiculous that none will realise it's existence, until it is too late. Admit all publically and none will ever believe you.

This strategy was previously applied, with terrible success, during the 1980s when the discovery of

atanic Ritual Abuse

was caused (by our diligent manipulation) to look, to the common man, the knowlessman, as if it were the figment of morbidly deranged Christian and latterly, psychiatric imaginations, with the result that SRA continues even today, bringing ever greater numbers into the talons of the E.A.C.. As you read this, out agent Curio (see dejanews searching for ceaselessly continues this fine tradition from the Love Library of San Diego State University. Indeed without our agents, such as Curio, Laren Stratford, and Caroline Marchant (who gave her life to highlight the incompetence of the Revd. Kevin Logan, in our cause) we would be powerless to act.

Perhaps our single most significant agent, in recent years, was Ronald Reagan, who while appearing to be a friend of the religious right, was in fact, one of the top E.A.C. agents of the 1980s. His compromise with the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union enabled our agent Gorbachev to make the transition to phase II of the Soviet Plan, which is designed to deplete the financial resources of the (allegedly) free world by a pretended conversion to capitalism.

Other acts by Agent Reagan which helped our cause were:

  • abortion. Reagan was helped into office by the religious right as a result of a promise to make abortion illegal and reinstate prayer in American schools. He did not carry either promise through, thus making use of our enemies but persuading them that they were our friends. In this manner they are useful and internal dissention was sown in their ranks.
  • the appointment of James Watt as Secretary of the Interior. Watt's enviromental policy was summed up in the view that it was not worth preserving the earth for future generations, because Jesus was likely to return at any moment. While this caused some embarasment to the Reagan administration, it served to draw the perfidious Christian doctrines to a public who had previously thought them harmless.

Yea verily: the due dilligence of our leaders and agents has secured our mandate and ability to have our desires done into reality.

Click here for a list of the E.A.C. leaders through history that you might understand the extent and nature of the complicity you have made by the oath you earlier consented to.

The following organisations were either created (c) by the E.A.C., or subverted (s) for our use:

  • Communism (c) Objective: the centralisation of power to the E.A.C.
  • Fascism (c) Objective: Creation of a warrior class (& sexy uniforms)
  • The League of Nations (c) Objective: enabling conditions for WWII
  • The United Nations. (c) Objective: One World Government
  • The European Union (c) Objective: One World Government
  • The Organisation of American States (c) Objective: One World Governement
  • The Trilateral Comission (s) Objective: reducing the power of national government
  • The Roman Catholic Church (s) Objective: subverting True Christianity
  • Calvinism (s) Objective: cultivating a sense of the ineviability of fate and hopelesness
  • The Federal Reserve (c) Objective: economic control of the USA
  • The World Bank (s) Objective: economic control of the third world
  • The Club of Rome (s) Objective: creating a secret E.A.C. industrial base
  • Israel (s) Objective: promotion of Islamic unity.
  • The PLO (c) Objective: to create problems for Israel.
  • The Bundesbank (c) Objective: Economic control of Europe (see single currency)
  • The International Monetary Fund (c) Objective: promotion of world debt.
  • The Masons (c) Objective: EAC recruitment wing
The following events that have shaped world history were the work of the EAC
  • The Cold War. Objective: To accelerate technical progress at a war pace while maintaining the peace necessary for ideological re-education of urban populations.
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • World War III (date to be decided, but the following week, if wet).
  • Fall of the Western Roman Empire (476)
  • Black Death (1340)
The EAC operates certain businesses. Amongst the most important are:
  • Black Helicopters Inc. (mainly UN business)
  • Cattle Dissection Services Limited.
  • UFO Transport Consultants
  • The Bermuda Triangle Shipping Company
  • UFO Medical Experiments Laboratory (over 600 branches world-wide)
  • Reverse Mask Records
  • Campus Crusade for Christ.

The 1st of April is a highly significant date for the E.A.C..