I.T. Specialist For Hire

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What I do

For a living I work as a contract systems administrator and webmaster. This kind of thing covers a multitude of sins, right up to the level of I.T. Manager. I have 12 years experience in the I.T. industry, having started as a programmer concerned with Money Market & Foreign Exchange dealing systems. Some of the areas I've had experience of are:
  • Project management
  • Local Network Administration / System Management
  • Wide Area Network Administration / System Management
  • Generator maintance (Honestly, but this costs extra, lots extra...)
  • 10-Base-T, Ethernet, Hubs, Routers, Bridges
  • Token Ring
  • Internet Connectivity (Novell & NT)
  • Functional Specification preperation
  • Exchange, Ms-Mail, Lotus Notes
  • Server Installation & Upgrade (Novell & NT)
  • People Management not "human resources"
  • Macromedia Director
  • Javascript & Java, Pascal, Delphi, some Visual Basic
  • and that's just for starters


I specialise in Novell and NT systems. I also specialise in sorting out problem systems located "overseas," usually in the third world. Got a systems problem in Kenya? No problem. X.25, ISDN, Kilostream in Morocco? Fine. Other skills include:


I have a considerable amount of management experience, and am able to motivate staff (teams up to 21 managed) to perform at the highest levels, as well as effectively liase with senior management. This kind of thing gets the project(s) in on time and within budget.


My rates vary according to the nature of the contract, its location and duration. In general you're looking at the equivalent of around 35,000 sterling a year (about USD 55,000). As far as hourly rates go, I charge between GBP 30 - 35 (USD 45 - 55). If working abroard (i.e. non UK), I insist on being paid (at least) partly in a European currency, or in US Dollars. Rates of course are negociable.

Expatriate Positions

In general I prefer positions lasting 1 or 2 years for jobs located in out of the way places (i.e. not first-world). For a long contract, benefits will include: relocation each way, married status, 1 home flight a year, full medical and dental coverage, life insurance, accomodation and a car. For shorter duration contracts, everything is negociable.

Permanent Positons

I am currently looking for the "right" permanent positon and am open to suggestons and negociation. Ideally I'd like to concentrate more on the internet side of system development and administration, but it may be that you have something that I haven't though of, so feel free to suggest what you have in mind.

Contact Information:

You can contact me at the following e-mail address: <tware@computationaldemonology.com>