So you want a link from Dis?

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  In order for your site to be be included in the City of Dis links page(s), you need to give me:
  • your soul
  • your life
  • your honour
  • your flag
  • your honour (again)
If you think that's a little extreme. then I'l settle for a reciprocal link on your site, preferably using the image featured below.

Now, that was easy, wasn't it?

Just mail me with the reference when you've put the link in, giving me a brief description of your site, and I'll do the business at this end.

The Picture
The Link Code
The Universal Christ You should linclude the following code with the image:

- and that's it, unless you want to send me your soul &c.... You would if you loved me...

Oh, you'll need to copy the picture to your own site, unless you're at geocities. If you are at geocities, then the code looks like this:

But copying the picture to your site will give you much better performance.