Link Exchange Banners.

The following are the various banners that have been used to advertise the City of Dis, together with a brief history of each.
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 The Banned Banner! This banner was banned by the link exchange. Now why do you think that was? Well, not to keep you in suspense, it was because of the word "hell," which apparently always draws lots of complaints. Some of the citizens of the United States are very peculiar people, it seems....
 Banner 2 This banner turned out to be acceptable, but unfortunately didn't attract very many people. I thought it was quite clever though with some nice animation in less than 7,168 bytes.
 Banner 2 This one is a new approach; hopefully phrasing it like a contact ad will prove to be a good enough hook... Actually it's based on a contact ad that was wildly successful (which isn't easy if you're a single man, as, ah "the advertiser" was in those days). As I recall the original went like this: Single male, late 20s, seeks couple or female with a view to a strict complicity of purpose and desire. That got 57 replies, and some very interesting experiences, I am told... As of 17 March 1998 I haven't submitted it to the Link Exchange, and I'll be interested to see if they raise any objections.