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Q: What does it take to become an "aa twit"?

A: More than you think.

alt.atheism is one of the most popular newsgroups on Usenet. Average traffic is between 400 and 500 messages a day, and frequently more. The purpose of alt.atheism is to discuss issues from the "atheist perspective" (this isn't always easy because there are, in general n+3 perspectives, where n is the number of atheists in any given conversation).

However, life being what it is, a good deal of time is taken up refuting theist challenges because, for some reason, perhaps to do with insecurity, alt.atheism attracts theists and the religious like nectar attracts bees. Sometimes the, ah, "full, free and frank" exchanges of views that result are interesting, informative and teach everyone concerned something. Unfortunately this isn't always so, and hence the need for the twit list...

How Does Someone Get on The aa Twit List?

It's not enough to be stupid. It's not enough to be rude. It's not enough to be uneducated. You have to be what our Catholic friends call "invincibly ignorant," and recognised as such by a number of people.

What's "invincibly ignorant"?

Well, let's say that you decide to confront alt.atheism with the opinion that evolution can't have happened because it contradicts the second law of thermodynamics. This is to say that the second law states that all systems, if left to themselves, tend to towards disorder and become less complex. Your point is that evolution supposes that life-forms become more inevitably complex over time and this contradicts the second law, which is one of the fundamental laws of physics.

This old favourite, is of course, based on a complete misunderstanding of the principles involved. It is explained to you in alt.atheism that the second law of thermodynamics states that entropy always increases in a closed system, but that the earth biosphere is not such a closed system. It is suggested that perhaps the sun may possibly be supplying energy to the earth, and so the energy to do work, in this case the energy for life-forms to breed and evolve is readily available.

It may also be suggested to you that evolution does not have an "aim" (in this case complexity) but is simply what we call the history of the survival, development and extinction of various species.

Now, dear reader, take it from me, this view is incontestable.

You, however, choose to argue the point, and try to redefine thermodynamics from the zeroth law up, to bolster your case. No matter what references are cited, no matter what arguments are deployed, you refuse to acknowledge that you're wrong. The facts of the matter become servants of your worldview.

At this point you are in sever danger of becoming an aa Twit. The penultimate step is to sufficiently annoy an aa regular with your deliberate refusal to see an incontestable truth that you get nominated for twitlist membership. But even that isn't enough. You'll only be elected to the office of twit if five regular members of alt.atheism second the nomination.

It's worth noting that theists don't have a monopoly on twitness. There is at least one atheist on the list (see entry 93).

And there you have it. In short, if you're on the list, you're not worth arguing with because you have nothing to argue with in terms of subject matter or ability, and it is as well to let newcomers know who's who, so they do not waste their time. On the bright side, being awarded a twit list number is probably sufficient to get you a job at the Institute for Scientific Creationism, or similar.

It should be noted that there is a category beyond that of "twit," and that's "kook". You can view the aa kook list here.

Administrative Note:

Until 19 February 1998, the twit list was kept by Michelle Malkin, an aa regular of long and respected standing. Then, its administration was taken over by Therion Ware.


Twit Identity

Date of Election
(Vigra Permitting).

Notes and / or Representative Quotation

1 Brice Wellington
2 John McCoy aka:
He Whose Name Shall Ne'er Be Uttered, Mcy
  A Creationist of considerable stamina but little intellectual ability. Believes (amongst other things) that artifacts such as Noah's Ark and so forth have been discovered, but for various reasons, no evidence can be produced. McCoy is so annoying that alt.atheism regulars refuse to dignify him with a name: hence the title "nameless," etc.. Appears to frequently change the "from" field when posting to avoid killfiles. Does not know that "The Red Sea" is not the same as "The Sea of Reeds". Nameless also has the status of aa kook.
3 Gladys   Not only a twit, bit an aa kook as well.
4 Riley Sinder   Allegedly a computer construct along the lines of Eliza built to study interactions on the internet. Sole interest appears to be the separation of Church and State in the United States of America (and this favors the hypothesis - constructs perform much better if their repertoire is severely limited).
5 Richard Michael Schiller aka:
Forerunner John, etc
6 Todd Benzer, aka:
Saved Soul
7 Fred Cherry
8 J Jamal   A Moslem who denies quantum mechanics. [D]
9 Jahnu (Jesper)   A rarity on alt.atheism; a non-Christian theist of the Hare-Krishna persuasion. Rabid vegetarian with some reasonable arguments for vegetarianism, which he spoils through grossly overstating his case. Known as "the Smurf" for obvious theological reasons... Has aa kook status.
10 Publius Has a newsgroup all of his own. <>. Really, little more need be said.
11 George Lindauer
12 karl
Karl Crawford
  Young Earth Creationist who collects and plagiarizes creationist pamphlets (which he frequently doesn't understand himself). Lies through his teeth when answering countering responses; very, very dishonest. He reposts his posts ("regurgi-post") a few months later, without any changes. [D]
13 Timothy Sutter   There is little doubt that Tim desperately need either a life or extremely competent mental health assistance. There is little prospect of either eventuality. Has been know to take bothsides of an argument when others refuse to play.
14 Gerald Caldwell
15 Neill Laney
16 The Messenger
17 Sam Lopez   Sam is convinced that atheists suffer from severe emotional problems that they blame God for. Professing atheism is, according to Sam, a way for atheists to take revenge on God, and nothing to do with the lack of evidence for any kind of Deity. Has occasional moments of rationality, but is I feel, propounding arguments picked up elsewhere that he doesn't fully understand. Has the attention span of a mayfly. Also has the honour to be an aa kook.
18 Bill Bonde
19 Rebecca Ross
20 Tracy Bell
21 James
22 Kirk Frazer
23 Father John Morris   A genuine Priest of the Greek Orthodox persuasion who does not take kindly to having his authority questioned, perhaps confusing himself and his God, which one understands is an occupational hazard. His wife Cheryl Morris apparently suffers from depression.
24 Gareth
25 Jill E Deel (Jellied Eel)
26 John Boatwright   An absolute classic. John is convinced that the book of Genesis, if interpreted correctly, reveals more or less what modern astrophysics has discovered about the origin and state of the universe. This is apparently because "God made it all" and "Jesus died for our sins". Does not know what "revisionism" or "anachronistic interpretation" mean. Favorite "in-depth" reference works are apparently Microsoft Encarta and Time magazine. Also an aa kook.

The Boatwright Files, compiled by Daneel, may be inspected at:

27 Samaritan
28 Jim Nichols (our inspiration)   Jim's major claim to fame is that he's the one who indirectly instigated the numbering of aa atheists by claiming there were only half a dozen, or so. The current count is in excess of 1,500 (as of Jan 2000).
29 Jack D Papin
30 FDR
31 Peter Harrington   Peter appears to be a 15-16 year old Seventh-Day Adventist - favourite tactic is to cite atrocities carried out by other faiths and by atheists as Proof of the Truth of Christianity. Consequently overuses the 'no true Scotsman', except against Biblical atrocities where his position is that God is Right by definition. Peter can't see the contradiction in this. Seems very intelligent, but thoroughly brainwashed. Very quick to take offense and throw insults, but can be induced to apologise and retract by calmly and politely explaining to him that his behaviour is unChristian.
(Contributed By Shaun Denney Alt.Atheist#MIA)
32 Tom of Spotwood
33 Grandma   Very easily offended. Takes herself very seriously, and lightweights should never do that, particularly when dealing with matters of religion and ethics.
34 Jim Jarnell
36 Ron Schwartz
37 AEgo
38 Jesse Lee
39 David Rutledge
40 James Green, aka:
41 Ann Ferguson   Troll.
42 John Fok   Quotes the Bible, a lot; rarely responds to any points raised.
43 apatriot
44 Dan Scaertel
45 Laura Lagenback
46 Private Ice
47 Radford Tam
48 Edward Jerome Gordon (the Veridican)
49 henry273
50 mannije
51 Abacus Cafe
52 James Ignatuk
53 Robin King
54 Shawn Robert Lee Gilbreath
55 p elliott   I very much resent the fact this guy stole my famous (in some circles) pseudonym. Who remembers ORCRO Magazine?
56 Victoria Lee
57 Jonah the Demonburner
58 Vehemence   Totally twisted. Invents an "atheistic religion" as he goes along and then proceeds to criticise it. Breaks into discussions with complete non-sequitors; appears to enjoy self-contradiction, which is, after all, one of the milder forms of self-abuse. [D]
59 Claude Lowy
60 Robert Gray
61 Continuum
62 Mary Weldrick apparently a troll by alt.atheism's own (G.M.B. a # 557). "Confession" in msg id: <>.
63 Buddy Beaudoin
64 L Kuhelj
65 luos
66 SINISTAR, aka:
Zyprexa (and many others).
  A French Canadian with a none too good grasp of religion, english, or the internet. Keeps changing his "from" designation, but until recently didn't know how to fake or change his nntp posting host. Easily recognisable by the strange grammatical style.
67 Truth & Beauty
68 Man of God
69 Frank the Fundy
Frank A.S.
(Frank Schierenberg)
  In the context of alt.atheism, the chosen name is rather like calling yourself "Nigel the Nazi" in soc.culture.jewish and thus betrays a certain subtlety of mind and character.
70 Michael aka
aka Sardonicus
  The gentleman himself provides this
I know you have created shockwave software crap that can be download at these sites:
File Library at Channel 1: WWW
The Simtel.Net Windows 95 Collection
Network Bookcase
FreeBiez Software
I wrote to each of them telling them what cappy software
you have that doesn't work.
And I will keep telling them about your crap software as
long as you keep the twit list, or keeping my name on it.
I don't believe an idiot like you really made that software,
so I know it's alright for me to tell them about what junk it is
as long as your name is connected to it.
Michael D.
71 Ryan Abellero
72 Jeffrey P Roberts
73 Watson II, aka:
Huzon Furst
Yomama Sophat
Inspector Clueless
Questioner of the Questionable
Napolean Bonaparte
  Harmless troll, designed purely to annoy using short inflammatory remarks. [D]
74 Tom Goodman
75 fbcorg, now identified as Twit #73   Harmless troll, designed purely to annoy using short inflammatory remarks. [D]
76 David B Greene   A regular with superiority complex and dislike of atheist definitions of atheism; sides with theistic claims even if they're contrary to his own, ah, enlightened deism. [D]
77 proctors   As all Cambridge students know, "proctors should be doctored".
78 Charles Cagle   Extremely insulting creationist; claims knowledge of "neutron-generating magnetic pole inversions" which caused the Flood and will cause Doomsday shortly. [D]
79 vic (Earthquake Girl)
80 Ross Williams
81 Joe Long regular, deist; claims that the IPU and Santa Claus are strawmen because God is believed in by many people and the IPU isn't; also claims his definition of atheism is the dictionary definition, despite being shown otherwise. [D]
82 Raymond
83 Mark Harpt
84 Paul
85 Young Jin Kim   Thought to be a South Korean. Apparently irredeemably stupid, but this impression may be partly the result of the language problem.
86 David Sears
87 Edward Stevenson (Klondyke_Pete)   An UFOlogist creationist (!). [D]
88 Robert E. Nordlander   An Atheist. For Shame.
89 G Mark Stewart regular with superiority complex; makes short irrelevant remarks he considers witty. Can't cope if you mimick his style. [D]
90 teen-wankers, aka luh2314

dimbulbatheist, etc. Minor irritant (and troller under several names) who seemed to have a fixation with Mother Teresa and her critic Hitchens. Also kept going on about atheists forming clubs, "Satan Rulz", teenagers and sex.

(Provided by Keith Brannen).

91 Rick Carroll
92 Peter Harding
93 The Sage   An atheist on the twit list! For Shame!!! Elected to this high office because "The Sage" (secret identity: Andrew D. Robinson) will never, ever, ever, ever admit when he is wrong on any matter what-so-ever. Jeff Candy has several pages devoted to the Sage, and they can be viewed here. Andrew is also regarded as an aa kook.
94 William Wallace   a rabid atheist neo-Nazi. [D]
95 Greg Hartman
96 Derek Potter Removed from the TwitList by popular demand some two years ago (as of Jan 2001). Apologies for the tardy response.
97 mpacell
98 Jabriol   Jehovah's Witness from, with exceptionally bad spelling and a custom of x-posting to every group he thinks even tangentially relevant. Likes to accuse evolutionists of racism. [D]
99 Robin Griffin
100 James W Aubuchon
101 Michael D
102 Ekaterina A Koltunova   "Koltunova" = "Kult-a-nova?" ="New Cult"? Possibly a clue to trolldom as well as idiocy? She claims it is her real name. Appears to be posting from Russia, and probably the first of many who find an ideological gap in their lives and who seek to fill it with religion of one kind or another.
103 Dark Fader   Generally argumentative and silly.
104 Vince
Burt Vincent Bellows
  Claims the universe was created 6000 years ago, and that the scientific method is flawed because it assumes uniformity -- that is, it assumes that his god dod not make the universe 6000 years ago. His posting tactics are dishonest and evasive, and he ironically accuses others, repeatedly and without justification, of employing circular reasoning. Particularly fond of "ghosting" (i.e., killfiling) people who he finds intimidating, he also manages to add that he works on the "fastest supercomputers in the world" as often and inappropriately as possible. (Contributed By Jeff Candy).
additional Info:
Claimed a degree in theology in Message-ID: [6isuti$]
105 Wndryears6 purports to be a high school student, although no one really is sure. He is known for "hit and run trollings," where he posts something inflamatory and proceeds to refuse to answer atheist queries. Wndryears6 has claimed to be interested in philosophical debates, yet has never engaged in a meaningful debate on his xian beliefs. Of late, his posts have become somewhat more bitter and angry towards atheists, accusing athiests of not being able to distinguish morality or right from wrong. Wndryear6's biggest claim to fame on alt.atheism was posting the work of another xian's web page here without citing the author (that is, he plagiarized the work.) Even more amusing, wndryears claimed to know the author and that the author had placed the web page in the public domain for anyone to use. Turns out Justin Taylor (the original author) had never heard of wndryears6. Not only did wndryears6 steal someone elses's work, but he lied to cover it up. He broke 2 of the 10 commandments. Quite an positive example of xianity in action. (contributed by Dan Chaney #1144.
106 ED
  Has yet to produce anything beyond the "my assertions should be regarded as fact" argument. Claims to be well past retirement age.
The following supplied by Tyler Parsons #957:

The majority of Ed's (OLDGUYTECH) posts are (one-liners) which he believes to be clever, often interspersed in the middle of a quote so that it is difficult to discern who and what he is referring. His specialty is expressing his disgust at "obscene" language - he seems to go looking for it. He claims "vile language" is against the law, but ignores queries about which laws he is talking about.

107 Rev S. Paul D.D.
  The "Rev" is a man of many parts. He has claimed to be:
  • a student of Harvard
  • a student of Cambridge (USA, not UK)
  • a PhD student working on his "Discertation" (his spelling) in history
  • a scholar in "Shakespear" (again, his spelling)
  • Owner of a "major" business with the headquarter in Johannesburg
  • a Vietnam vet
  • runs a parish
  • a baptist minister
  • an ULC minister (which is cheap, since half the members of aa were ordained under the authority of the ULC)
  • a owner an interfaith church
  • the webmaster of 6 internet churchs
  • selling computers at cost to third world countries
One of the Rev's websites is listed below.
At this point the Twit List went on holiday, for, ah, technical reasons. The missing twits will be added as I find them in dejanews, and so some renumbering will be going on for a little while yet.
108 Vincent Allah  

Has the dubious distinction of being twitted for pure evil; he was nominated and elected for actively encouraging a severely depressed aa regular to commit suicide.

(Contributed by Raven1).

110 Duplicate Removed   Opps.
112 Iron    
113 Scotty Higginbotham    
115 Richard E Reboulet    
116 Lim CK
Aka: Lim(p Di)CK, "The 99 names of Lim CK" (it is generaly thought he has as many aliases than Allah has names).

Religion: Muslim

Favorite fallacies: Argument from personal incredulity, ad hominem, Pascal's Wager, wishful thinking, argument from authority, belief that length lends credibility

Quirks: Considers his personal fear of death and desire for vengeance as reason to believe in God.

Annoying habits: Changes alias constantly to avoid killfiles. Reposts same message multiple times under several titles.

Positive points: Highly amusing; has argued that the founder of his religion (Islam) was too stupid to have done so without God's help (cf. below).

Possibility of rationality: epsilon at best.

Description: LimCK is a Malaysian Muslim, who seems to consider that atheists are responsible for all the evils on the earth; in 1999 he has in particular blamed the (largely Christian-committed) Kosovo atrocities on atheism. Has a nearly pathological fear of death. Construes objections to his breaches of netiquette as vindication of his view of atheists as evil. His argument for the existence of God basically boils down to "Mohammed was an ignorant goat-herd and couldn't have achieved what he did without direct divine intervention; therefore, the Qur'an is the word of God". Likes to quote Western 'authorities' (from early 19th century historians to George Bernard Shaw) in support of Mohammed's status as a 'great man'; seems to think that such status somehow automatically proves God's existence as well. Has occasionally engaged in conversation (apart from hit-and-run trolls); in them his tactic is to flood his opponent out.

(Contributed by Raven1).

117 P.A.A.   No notable things, apart from posessing the same initials as my very first girlfriend with whom I was very much in love, and remember, from time to time, still. But that's another story....

Arvin Slather (pseudonym) aka
Dr Sinister Aka : Sinny.

Dr. Sinister



The question of Dr. Sinister's identity has been a matter of some speculation in alt.atheism for quite a while. 45 minutes of serious investigation revels that 45 minutes may not have been enough!

For the full story of how the identity of wasn't determined, check back in a couple of days (Sunday, probably)!

See apologies, inferential chains, weak links, grounds for suspiction and lots of other stuff!!

Religion: claims to worship his toaster. (Therion: I think this is a ploy to try and get atheists to define God, for obvious reasons).

Synopsis: A troll of the highest order, Sinsiter is essentially a Usenet Sociopath. While very intelligent, his main joy in life appears to be antagonizing others and playing pointless semantic games. Immature, anti-social, apparently enjoys being regarded with disdain. Would probably be shooting up a McDonalds if he lost internet access for any length of time.

Favorite Fallacies: Ad Hominem, Red Herring. Enjoys playing games with multiple word definitions, shifting from one to another as the need suits him.

Brain trouble: Egomania, Sociopathic Disorder.

Positive Points: makes theism look idiotic.

Possibility of Rationality: High; unfortunately intelligence is no guarantee of social maturity or empathy with one's fellow humans. Sinister chooses to make himself a pariah by attempting to offend as many people as possible, and deserves every resulting insult.

Other Notes: has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Buddhism accompanied by a considerable understanding of same.

(Contributed by Raven1; updated by Therion Ware ).

119 Food-for-Thought    
121 Tiglath    
122 Radlester    
123 Alan Wostenberg   Alan may not have been twitted. A recount is in progress (24/1/00).
124 Blury Shadow    
125 TC    
126 Electro    
127 Teresita    
128 AmericanMuslim    
129 Brian Pickrell    
130 iamyhwh    
131 Chapel Student    
132 Mr GoodSalt aka
Michael R. Anderson

Being twitted under two seperate identities is something of an achievement. The following biography is contributed by Raven1.

Religion: Fundamentalist Christian, sect unknown

Aka: Godslug, Salty, Mikey, "mendacious hypocritical fuckwit" (attrib. raven1)

Synopsis: Enjoys posting loaded "questions" for atheists, and ignoring the answers he receives. Cowardly and intellectually dishonest, invariably snips arguments that he can't answer. Consistently tries to rationalize away Biblical genocides and other assorted atrocities. Severely homophobic; can become obsessive on the topic.

Brain Trouble: Obsessive-compulsive disorder with a healthy streak of masochism thrown in; doggedly persists in posting despite being shredded on a regular basis. Severe self-esteem problems; regularly refers to himself in the third person, and makes extreme self-deprecating comments. These would be enough in and of themselves, but he compounds the problem by simply not being very bright.

Unusual features: Has been twitted twice, once under his real name, once under this alias. Consistent TQOTM nominee.

Favorite fallacies: Invalid appeal to authority, Argument by assertion, Argumentum ad nauseam.

Positive points: generally remains upbeat despite constant flamage. Has helped at least two people decide to deconvert to atheism. Useful for target practice.

Possibility of rationality: couldn't recognize it if you spotted him "L_GIC" and let him buy a vowel

133 Mark Bassett    
134 Oronoco    
135 Taichi    
136 Jimmy    
137 LoveOneAnother  

This is in fact one Brian Kelly, 27 Stanwix St Albany , NY. His "home", email address is He's also been know as, amongst others, "peacemaker" and "" (LOPLTS) and presumably others.

Brian is little more than an enthusiastic troll, who played both Christian and atheist and who gave himeself away with the following outburst, but forgot to change his headers.

[include call to suicide]

138 Francois Tremblay  

Religion: None. Another atheist on the Twit List! For shame!

Synopsis: A self-described objectivist, Franc has the dubious distinction of being one of the few atheists elected to the Twit List. A recent arrival on alt.atheism, Franc gave early indications of his twitdom by being killfiled almost immediately by several regulars for personal obnoxiousness and general arrogance. Rarely mixes it up with theists; tends to argue with and killfile atheists instead. Thought to be a troll by many.

Brain trouble: Egomania typical of a young objectivist. Has no regard for others; refuses to acknowledge other POVs as possibly valid. Entirely irrational hero-worship of Ayn Rand, has referred to "Atlas Shrugged" as the second most influential book in history (!) .

Favorite Fallacy: Ad Hominem. Characterizes anyone who disagrees with him as a "bigot" or "fembot".

Positive points: Seems quite intelligent, despite personal abraisiveness.

Possibility of rationality: High, if he'd get his head out of his ass and realize that his approach alienates those who would normally agree with him on most issues.

139     Coming soon.... a story of trolling, switched premises, motorbike accidents, psychological problems and so forth. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.
140 Skypher.   An uninteresting girl who apparently feels that ... well, who cares?

My particular thanks to Daneel [a#323] for his help in providing many of the descriptions.

If you are a regular on alt.atheism, please feel free to submit shortish
descriptions of any twitlist member to Therion Ware. Thanks.

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"doctored" - British English idiom for "castrated," since you ask.