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Sounds in Satanism Soundings in Satanism,

Editor: F. J. Sheed.

While this is in many repects a rather dated work (pub. 1972), it contains many valuable pieces that will repay the time spent reading them. Of particular interest is the account of the development of occultism in the United States in the 70s by Richard Woods that contains hard to find information about the Process Church of the Final Judgement.
Small Gods

Small Gods,
Terry Pratchett

The great God OM is in big trouble. Once he was all but omnipotent, now however, he's been reduced from the form of a fire-breathing bull to a tortoise, with zero in the way of God like powers. How did this happen? In the Discworld, Gods derive their power from belief, and the Omnian Church is at the height of its powers, and everyone believes, the inquistion sees to that.

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Witches Abroad Witches Abroad, Terry Pratchett

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Guards! Guards! Guards, Guards!, Terry Pratchett

The city works perfectly, the Patrician saw to that by legalising the old guilds. Here the assasins, thieves, and so forth can take their place at civic banquets, and pay their taxes, since the Patrician now knows who they are and where they live. Of course, a city that works, has no need of a city watch. This fact didn't stop the six foot two inch dwarf from joining, much to the consternation of Captain Vimes.

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Johnny and the Dead Johnny and the Dead, Terry Pratchett

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