The City of Dis Quick Book Index

(Under Construction)
When I say "quick book index," what I mean is this is the quick way to find books on the City of Dis Website, not that you'll read them in no time at all.

Books here are added to the list as I read them, or get around to writing a review about them. What ever way you look at it, it's a fairly random process. Anyway, the major search heading are:

[Religion] [Sci Fi] [Erotica] [Comedy]
[Theology] [Physics] [Music]

Subject Titles
Religion (politics)
Religion (history)
Religion (anthropology)
Spiritual Warfare, Casting the First Stone,
A History of God
A History of God
Science Fiction (hard)
Science Fiction (opera)
Science Fiction (fantasy)
Ring, Anvil of Stars,
None as yet
Inferno, Stormbringer
Physics (popular)
Physics (reference)
The Whole Shebang,
The Oxford Dictionary of Physics.
The Story of O,
Crimes of Passion
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