What Therion Ware thinks about this stuff:

Therion Ware Says:.

I enjoy argument as much as the next, in fact, I probably enjoy it more.

If you disbelieve this, try your strength with me, anytime. But don't bother me with trivia. I do not care about your "proofs" of God (unless they're original, and not one of these), and am unimpressed by your personal experience of the Divine (I have had my own which by virtue of vanity (the greatest of sins, as we have recently been told) must be of greater validity then your experience of the divine).

That being said, there is, after all:

.......a finite chance that from argument, we, you and I, together, will, learn something.

My position is that it is the morality of these things that matter. And that, as far as it goes, is it, except to say I, generally speaking, consider myself to be a strong agnostic (Not "don't know" but rather "can't know") . For more info about me, try here, if you can stand it and have a strong stomach.

Incidently, since I work contract, I'm always on the look-out for the next one. If you need an I.T. professional, feel free to inquire of me.