Our Founder
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Therion Ware (in the good old days). Behind every website there's someone who wants more attention. The City of Dis isn't any different, and in this particular case this is the individual in question. Or not. At least not recently. I think this was taken about 1751 using (for the time) advanced E.A.C. technology.

What was it Satan (actually Al Pacino, but why split hairs?) said in that recent film... what's it called .. ah, "The Devil's Advocate" - "vanity, my favourite sin". The hat's there so you can't see the horns.

Honestly. In the immortal words of John McCoy: "Trust me".

I doubt you'd recognise me these days, except on weekends, and holidays. And Wednesdays, of course when I attend the local chapter of the E.A.C. (and it takes until Friday to recover, what with the whipped cream, trampoline, chandeliers, jello, strange drugs, strong drink, the philosophy of the bedroom, and similar).

Oh, and the frames of those glasses are pure titanium, and good for any speed.