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This was written in 1998/1999. Please make allowances for that!




The City of Dis was created on a Pentium 133 with 4Gb of fast scsi disk, and 1.5 GB if ordinary IDE. Hardware details are as follows:
  • Processor: Intel p133 MHz
  • Memory: 64 MB EDO
  • Micropolis 4.2 Gb SCSI HDD - hah...
  • OEM 1.5 Gb IDE HDD
  • 2 Mb VGA Video Card (prefered resolution 1024 x 768 @ 16bit colour)
  • A Leoscan Scanner (flatbed, 300 dpi optical, SCSI interface).
  • Standard SVGA monitor (acting up, this is why some picture look too light, must replace)
  • 28.8 generic modem, but most stuff is uploaded on a T3 leased line, which unhappily isn't mine.
  • Some generic soundcard. Must get an AWE 64, or whatever.
  • 24x CD ROM drive (read) 4x write (IDE)
  • Arabic / English (US) 102 key keyboard - Don't ask...
  • Sony SVHS VTR, frame capable
  • Generic mpeg VCD playback card
  • Videoblender video capture card (excellent, considering the price)
  • Backup Device: Sorry, I don't understand the question...
    • HP Jetstore 2000.


During the development of this website, my system exploded for reasons I have been unable to divine (though I suspect that my cat (Latifa), given a pool of suspicious liquid, and a shocked expression, may have had something to do with it). Given that she is a cat, she is forgiven.

My 4Gb of SCSI harddrive vanished, as did the motherboard, integrated graphics and sound. Happily I has originally built the system to cope with "graceful degredation," as well as CATastrophic failure, and so no important data was lost. Anyway, Seagate are now selling 23Gb SCSI HDDs, so this seems like a good excuse...

Anyway, that's why its taken so long to get into action. On the other hand, it wasn't as if anyone was waiting for it, so what the hell...

Self Indulgence

If anyone cares, my ideal system is as follows:
  • p300 Pentium II processor
  • 256Mb 10ns RAM
  • 27.3Gb of RAID 0 HDD (9.1Gb usable, so fast you woundn't believe it, but backup eveyday)
  • ISDN internet connection, or a 10mbps Cable Link, if I'm the only one in the area.
  • DLC backup device
  • 8/16Mb video (possibly ATI 'AllInWonder')
  • Gigabyte top of the range motherboard
  • 26" monitor
  • Drawing tablet
  • Video capture device at around USD 1,500 (it's the only way to be sure)


  • In 2018 my system consists of:
  • Multiple HP DL380 G7, which are dirt cheap on eBay, and several self built workstations.
Anyone who buys me any of these things can have my undivided attention for a significant period of time. certainly long enough to give you a web site that's somewhat better than this one, which was and is, a learning experience. (You can tell, can't you?)

About Me

You can call me "Therion Ware". It's my real name, but no one believes it. I was born in the early 1960s, in London, England. My mail address is <tware@computationaldemonology.com>.

By trade, oops, profession, I'm a contract systems designer and systems administrator. Mainly very, very large Novell & NT networks, in industries like banking, finance, travel and so on. My particular specialties are internet connectivity, and comms. As you have probably gathered, I would like to get into web mastering. If your company is looking for an I. T. professional, try looking here. More personally, my hobbies are reading, writing, theology, hill walking, travel and, of course, usenet, particularly alt.atheism. My religious views are summarized here.

I have significant international experience, having worked, for significant periods of time, in:

  • Africa


    A superb place to work, if you have money, and most people don't. President Moi (motto: L'etait, c'est Moi) managed to win the last election, again, with 102% of the vote, proving once again that Kenya believes in 'one man, one vote' and that the Moi is that man. Unbelievable scenery. To be sure of seeing lions and things like that you should visit the Massai Mara (Governor's Camp, or Intrepids). To see wildlife that is seriously wild, Samburu is the place. Mount Kenya Safari club is a 'must see' as well. Corruption is widespread, as might be expected where police and government officials are paid very little and paid infrequently. The Kenyan people themselves are very friendly and doing the best they can under the circumstances.


    Coming back on its feet, but still deeply poor. Idi Amin has much to answer for, but unless Saudi Arabia (his current residence) decides to do something about it, it's unlikely that he ever will.


    I liked it so much, I got married to a local. And if you think that's easy, try it. The mosque in Casablanca is truly amazing. although some suggest that there were more pressing infrastructure needs. Most bars are called 'Rick's,' which becomes a little wearing after a while. Some of the best red wine I've ever tasted. King Hassan II is arguably one of the shrewdest politicians around. Rumour has it that Morocco is keen to join the EEC and this has been the driving force behind the many reforms the King continues to institute.

    South Africa

    Not a bad place.If you've got a few pounds or dollars.

  • Malaysia
    • A nice place. Some of the employers are deeply deceptive, unethical and dishonest, though this may simply be incompetence. It's sometimes difficult to tell. If you want to read a horror story, click here. I particularly like Penang and Malacca. Port Dixon is a dump. Malaysia is also one of the centres of the pirate software industry and you can buy more or less any program off the shelf, in shops, for around USD 5. For some reason Japanese food is very popular and Sushi bars abound.
  • England
    • London (City & the outlands)
      • What can you say? Simply the greatest city in the world, though in reality it's more like a collection of closely connected villages, each with a distinct character. Two sayings come to mind, 'if you're tired of London, you're tired of life,' and Hell is city much like London. Take your pick.
    • York, Leeds
      • Along with Bradford, you'll find some of the best curries in the world here. The IMAX cinema at the museum of film and theatre in Bradford is well worth a visit.
    • Cambridge
      • An exceptionally nice place to live. Aesthetically pleasing surroundings, a rich cultural life, proper beer (Abbott Ale by Greene King) and a wide variety of international food (the Mongolian Hot Pot on Chesterton Road, next to the Old Spring pub is inexpensive (which is not the same as cheap) and very good).
  • Scotland
    • Aberdeen.And I don't care what you say, Scotland is foreign. My major gripe is that there are few, if any, seats in the pubs, and that the further north you go, the greater the frequency of peas in any Chinese or Indian meal.
    • While we're on the subject, it must be noted that at some mysterious point, as one journeys north of London, pancake rolls mysteriously become spring rolls.


    • Strange but true...
* This cell, intentionally, left blank (as they say).