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  I don't know about you, but truth to tell, I don't surf the web a great deal, randomly anyway, except of course when I do. While there is a great deal of opinion out there, there is little in the way of fact. The City of Dis tries to mix and match of course, clearly differtiating fact from opinion.

The problem is that in this particular area there's a poweful overlap between the two. Still, enought about the City of Dis and I (there's plenty more of that kind of thing around here). If you have an atheist, agnostic or magickal site, I'll be happy to include you in the listing. Just mail me at All I ask is that you include this logo immediately below either with your review, or somewhere proximate on your site. I also have no problem mentioning Christian, Muslim, or indeed any other kind of religious website...

The sites listed below are the ones I use the most, or noteworthy in some way. A visit to any of them will be amply repaid.

Site Name
Religious Tolerance If you need reliable information about a religion, old or new, then this site is the place to visit.
Link to the Religious Tolerence Website
The Evil Atheist Conspiracy #1 From the dawn of time the E.A.C. has sought a secular world by promoting secular humanism. Get the details of the conspiracy here, and if you play your cards right, you may be admitted to the biggest conspiracy since General Ríos Montt made it to el Presidente and became a testbed for the Religious Right in action.
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The Evil Atheist Conspiracy #2And here too. The conspiracy is truely ubiquitous. Visit the E.A.C. before they visit you.
Logo goes here
The Wolf Lair A good starting point if you want to get to know the atheist cum secular web. Many links to valuable resources together with an increasing amount of original information and opinion.
Link to The Wold Lair A reasonable starting point for the religious web. It remains to be seen if they include a listing for the City of Dis, which their spam mail advertising the site suggested they would be glad to do.
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